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Gallery: Mike Beachy N8ECR

Mike Beachy was the founder of the Mighty Elmac Net and the usual net control for the DX-60 net in recent years.   From his obituary:

"Michael Eldon Beachy, 57, of Caseville, died at home unexpectedly Saturday, Dec. 1, 2018, from natural causes. Mike was born Sept. 9, 1961, in Pigeon, to Eldon and Joanne (Caister) Beachy. In 1980, he graduated from Laker High School. He worked for several of his family's businesses, including Beachy Poultry Farms, Pigeon Printing and Lefty's Diner and Drive In. He used his gift for electronics by collecting, selling and operating amateur radio. He was widely known and respected as a licensed amateur radio operator under the call sign "N8ECR," hosting a weekly discussion network which went all across the U.S. He was a self taught guitar player and devoted dog lover. "

The DX-60 Net and the Mighty Elmac Net are now conducted in his memory.

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Mike N8ECR

Posted: 02/35/2022 (W9RAN)
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Mike N8ECR playing guitar

Posted: 02/35/2022 (W9RAN)
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Masa AB9MQ, Mike N8ECR, Terry N6TLU

Posted: 02/35/2022 (W9RAN)
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Mike N8ECR at swap

Posted: 02/35/2022 (W9RAN)
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Becky Yamamoto and Mike N8ECR

Posted: 02/35/2022 (W9RAN)