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Final Call for K9QET

presented by Harry N9CQX on MCRN 3/18/23

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Gallery: N9KGR SK

Bruce Manser N9KGR (formerly KA9WSS) of Cleveland, Wisconsin became a Silent Key on December 26, 2022. 

Bruce was an active participant in various AM nets and a familiar presence at area hamfests for over 30 years.   He enjoyed collecting and restoring a wide range of boatanchor radios and was known for passing them along at low prices to encourage others to do the same.

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N9KGR at South Milwaukee in 2018

Posted: 03/13/2023 (W9RAN)
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Bruce Manser N9KGR (SK)

Posted: 01/14/2023 (W9RAN)
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N9KGR, So. Milwaukee hamfest July 2022

Posted: 01/14/2023 (W9RAN)
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Bruce and Geeno

Posted: 03/15/2023 (W9RAN)