Heathkit DX-60 AM Net
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Sturgis 2021

Thanks to Gary, KI8BQ
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W8TOW Operating AM

Hallicrafters Super Skyrider In Action
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DX-60 PTT Mod Pt. 2

Including Monologue Switch
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DX-60 PTT Modification

Another great one from Terry, N6TLU
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February 2019 DX-60 Check-ins

N6TLU, Terry, features our net once again on his YouTube D-Lab Electronics channel.

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Heathkit DX-60 AM Net Gallery Images

Gallery: 2019 Hamvention, Xenia Ohio

A number of DX-60 Net members showed up at the 2019 Hamvention in Xenia, Ohio.  

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Jeff, WA8SAJ

Posted: 05/19/2019 (stonebs)
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Vendor Stack

Posted: 05/19/2019 (stonebs)
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Stack of Hallicrafters Skyriders

Posted: 05/19/2019 (stonebs)
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Jerry, K9GAS

"Gas Man"

Posted: 05/19/2019 (stonebs)