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Radio Teletype with NJ2BB the Battleship New Jersey

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Posted By: Robert Nickels (W9RAN)
Posted on 01/04/2024

Radio Teletype or RTTY in ham parlance (RATT in the military) was a primary means of communication throughout the 1950s and 1960s, primarily using mechanical teleprinters that put ink on paper.   Only after microcomputers made new technology possible were the model 15, 19, 28, 32 Baudot machines replaced with ASCII-talking printing and display terminals.  Wide-shift gave way to narrow, and ultimately to higher speed digital encoding methods, and encryption.

But for hams, 850 Hz Baudot radio teletype reigned supreme and still draws afficinados for casual operation as well as the annual RTTY contests.   Many stations use modern computers and soundcard interfaces but some prefer the smell and sound of mechanical teletype machines,  including military radio enthusiast Ray Fantini KA3EKH who posted this video showing the recent appearance of the Battleship New Jersey radio operators on the Saturday morning MMRCG RTTY net.   Ray explains:

Just posted a short video of the first time RTTY QSO with the Battleship New Jersey , NJ2BB and the Saturday morning MMRCG net on 7087 They used equipment that they have been restoring onboard BB-62 including the ASR28 in the message central, one of the Harris R-2368 and I think a Harris RF-350 for transmission. All interconnected thru the multitude of patch and trunk lines throughout the ship. They were also using the original antennas on the ship.  Think they are working on getting one of the URT transmitters up next.

Although the video is from my place and not aboard the ship was able to work them using my Harris R-2368, 1310 exciter and 1110 amplifier.

Well done, Ray!    The Midwest Military Radio Collectors Group is open to anyone who appreciates military radio equipment and participation in the RTTY and other nets is encouraged.   See www.mmrcg.org for more information


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