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Ham and shortwave related historical items.

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The Knight Kit T-60 Transmitter

As the Novice ham license was closing on it's 10th anniversary and the number of new hams was growing as fast as the rockets taking off from Cape Caneveral,  the engineers at Allied Radio's Knight Kit division knew it was time for a replacement for the "T-50" which had only been given the official designator if "83YX255".     Of course no one called it a "T-50" until there was...  READ MORE

Looking Back
The Boy Scout Radio Merit Badge

The development of the Radio Merit Badge over the years is quite fascinating. The original merit badge was titled the Wireless Merit Badge and was introduced in 1918.   The requirements have changed quite a lot over the years as radio evolved.  For example, 1922 requirements included being able to receive Morse Code at 10 words per minute. The 1930 Radio Merit Badge lowered the re...  READ MORE

Looking Back
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