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An Afternoon with Jack Mullin (sound recording historian)

Ham Radio History 0 Comments 05/127/2023 

Posted By: Robert Nickels (W9RAN)
Posted on 05/127/2023

The time period after WWII could well be described as "the age of recording".   From crude wire recorders and transcription disc cutters that were limited to professional users, the ability to record sound and play it back at will has evolved to the point where it is taken for granted in modern life.   It took about 50 years for technology to get to the point where mass production of recording equipment was possible - and affordable for the average person, and while the methods changed, the basic desire to record the human voice and other sounds for posterity has remained the same.

In this video, audio recording expert and historian Jack Mullin takes us on a journey from the very earliest days of Edison to the development of magnetic recording technology, including the contributions of his former boss, Bing Crosby and the formation of the Ampex Corporation.   And he plays the very first Crosby radio program ever recorded - on the very machine it was recorded on that still works!

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