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DX-60 PTT Modification

DX-60 Modifications 0 Comments 03/24/2019

Another great one from Terry, N6TLU

Posted By: Bradley Stone (stonebs)
Post Date: 03/24/2019

This video demonstrates installation of the D-lab K1 PTT module into a Heathkit DX-60B. Many of these radios are still in use. Most have stressed/bad operate switches from years of operation. Unfortunately the replacement switch is nearly impossible to locate, so Hams rely on parts machines to keep their rig going. The K1 PTT module eliminates wear via a relay to control key up of the transmitter. Fairly easy to install. No holes to drill. You will have to choose your preferred mic jack and add it since the original did not have keying terminals. I am attempting to make this a universal module for many models of transmitters that lack PTT. I have modules on hand ready for your rig. If the project is successful, D-lab will maintain inventory. If not, theres always a new project on the horizon! Hope you like this idea. Special thanks to Dan, N8ZBA for allowing me to use his radio for the video.


Remembering Mike, N8ECR (SK)

Tributes and pictures submitted by net membership
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If you have some pictures or a small tribute you'd like to submit in memory of our former net control, please send them to brad@nb9m.com or W8TOW.dx-60.net for inclusion here.Here is Mike N8ECR at the QTH of Ron/K8FG. Mike N8ECR stopped  by with his new dog, the pic was taken on 06-29-2011.Mike and Ron N8UUH would head over to my area (14mi SW of Tawas City) so we could enjoy a lunch at H...  READ MORE
- Bradley Stone (stonebs),  12/24/2018 
   *** The PDF is Downloadable below ***Thanks to Mike, W5KRL, for making a good copy of a DX-60 Assembly Manual....  READ MORE
- Bradley Stone (stonebs),  12/08/2018 
   *** The PDF is Downloadable below ***Thanks to Mike, W5RKL, for making a good copy of a DX-60B Assembly Manual....  READ MORE
- Bradley Stone (stonebs),  12/08/2018 
   *** The .PDF file is downloadable below ***There are lots of mods for the Heathkit DX60 on the internet. These include audio and PTT mods. The PTT mods address an issue with the function switch and makes switching between RX and TX more flexible. The Function wafer switch on an unmodified DX60 switches the high voltage secondary of the power transformer when going from standby (receive) to transmi...  READ MORE
- Bradley Stone (stonebs),  12/08/2018 
   *** The PDF is Downloadable below ***Very crisp, legible, printable schematic.  Original link: https://www.nostalgickitscentral.com/heath/schematics/heathkit_schema_dx60b.pdf ...  READ MORE
- Bradley Stone (stonebs),  12/08/2018 
   ** The .PDF file is downloadable below ***One of the biggest short comings of the DX-60 is the function switch, and the need to switch the phone operation to Push-To-Talk (PTT), which should enhance the operation and save the function switch. I also wound up using a D-104 unamplified microphone with my DX-60B. Parts List: 1 – Two pin Microphone connector 2 – 6 or 12 VDC 4PDT Relay (If ...  READ MORE
- Bradley Stone (stonebs),  12/08/2018 

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DX-60 PTT Mod Pt. 2

Including Monologue Switch
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February 2019 DX-60 Check-ins

N6TLU, Terry, features our net once again on his YouTube D-Lab Electronics channel.

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17th Annual AM Get-Together

Gary, KI8BQ, Hosts Another Swapmeet

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