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DX-60 PTT Modification

Another great one from Terry, N6TLU

DX-60 Modifications 0 Comments 03/24/2019 

Posted By: Bradley Stone (stonebs)
Posted on 03/24/2019

This video demonstrates installation of the D-lab K1 PTT module into a Heathkit DX-60B. Many of these radios are still in use. Most have stressed/bad operate switches from years of operation. Unfortunately the replacement switch is nearly impossible to locate, so Hams rely on parts machines to keep their rig going. The K1 PTT module eliminates wear via a relay to control key up of the transmitter. Fairly easy to install. No holes to drill. You will have to choose your preferred mic jack and add it since the original did not have keying terminals. I am attempting to make this a universal module for many models of transmitters that lack PTT. I have modules on hand ready for your rig. If the project is successful, D-lab will maintain inventory. If not, theres always a new project on the horizon! Hope you like this idea. Special thanks to Dan, N8ZBA for allowing me to use his radio for the video.

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Did you hear KC2XIO?

Experimental radio station from 1971
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