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HAM Radio in Emergency Civil Defense Communications Vintage 1951

Ham Radio History 0 Comments 03/14/2023 

Posted By: Robert Nickels (W9RAN)
Posted on 03/14/2023

Excerpt from a 1951 Civil Defense Public Service film describes the vital role of Two-Way Radio and Ham Radio in Civil Defense, emergency response and rescue situations. Filmed in Syracuse, New York, it shows how coordination of emergency services is conducted through organized communications and planning, especially with regard to radio communications. Produced by General Electric. A 9 minute excerpt of original 21 minute film. Good content and vintage scenes of Syracuse New York. A vintage Hammarlund HQ-129X receiver, 1950's telephone switchboard, radio teletype, mobile radio and other technical equipment is shown along with vintage police, fire, taxi and emergency service vehicles and situations. (Audio and film aspect ratio are slightly off, so apologies in advance. However, the content is worth a look if vintage radio is an interest of yours.) Original film title is "And a Voice Shall be Heard."

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