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Jane Barbe / Famous Actress Mashup — Telephone Voice Artist

Ham Radio History 0 Comments 04/13/2023 

Posted By: Robert Nickels (W9RAN)
Posted on 04/13/2023

Jane Barbe had the world's best telephone voice ever! Her warm and graceful, almost musical way of speaking was a joy to listen to! Though her lovely telephone voice was heard everywhere for many years, there are very few public photos of Jane Barbe. As a result, how she looked while performing her famous numbers (and other announcements) was left to the caller's imagination. In that spirit, this movie attempts to express the many different costumes one might have imagined Jane's voice to have worn.

The images are fake but the voice is totally real - that of Jane Barbe whose record as the most famous voice actress will live forever, at least in the recorded archives of the old telephone network.   But that same voice was instantly recognizable by shortwave listeners who tuned to one of the WWVH transmissions.   Since the Hawaii transmitter operated on the same frequency as the one at Ft. Collins CO, a female voice was used to make it easy to tell from the male voice on WWV.   Of course that voice belonged to Jane Barbe - click here to see a video of the Audichron device that could be replaced by a couple of chips today!


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