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American Forces Vietnam Network news

with Sp. 4 Gary W. Gears

Posted By: Robert Nickels (W9RAN)

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From 1962 until the last commander announced “AFVN ceased as of 2400 hours 22 March, 1973",  The American Forces Vietnam Network served US servicemen "From the Delta to the DMZ".    AFVN radio and TV was the only source of news and information for  servicement at bases and fire bases in southeast Asia.    News from back home and around the world was an important part of the programming, with uniformed personnel from all service branches plus a handful of civilians manning the microphones, transmitters, and TV cameras.  As many as 250 military personnel were deployed at various AFVN locations during the peak year of 1967.

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One of them was Army Specialist 4th Class Gary W. Gears.  He had a remarkable voice and his work resume proves it, working at legendary KOIL in Omaha before joining the Army.   After his time in the service, Gary went to KQV in Pittsburgh and afterward spent most of his career in Chicago at legendary stations WCFL, WLS, WIND and others.   

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At AFVN, he read the news, and if even if you don't recognize his voice from this 5 minute clip from 1968, it still might have been the reason you bought a set of tires or a new battery from Montgomery Ward or Sears, or Tuna Helper or Cheer laundry detergent - a few of the many commercials he voiced.    Gary Gears passed away far too soon in 1991 at the age of 46.

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