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AM & SSB: A ‘Gentlemen’s Agreement’

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Hello to my friends and Directors of the ARRL,

I noted with pleasure that the ARRL Board has passed a motion addressing HF data bandwidth.

For many years, there has been an outcry from HF AM operators to have the ARRL Board address the situation of the original ‘Gentlemen’s’ agreement that was set up – basically from the stations that operated AM. In the mid 50’s, SSB became more in use, the “wars” began and I can attest, personally that there were actual wars. I was not a part of the physical ‘wars’ but knew some that did get involved. All of this came to the end when both sides met and formed a ‘Gentlemen’s agreement which – at the time, the ARRL helped to adopt and publish the agreement. Everything became calm. The two modes worked side by side, respecting each other.

The ‘agreement ‘ on 75 meters was originally 1.885 – 1.900, 3.870 – 3.890. 7.290 – 7.295. 14.280 – 14.290 This ‘Gentlemen’s’ agreement worked for more that a decade but as new license holders came on the scene, they knew nothing of this verbal agreement as the ARRL no longer published or admonish the original ‘Gentlemen’s’ agreement. Little was said of it – nor the need. If they did publish, one had to dig deep to find any of the information about the AM window. To answer some of the complaints , the ARRL set out to publish their own band plans… however most of the times the band plan is published, the AM Window is never mentioned…. Perhaps just a calling frequency. The DX windows, the SSTV windows have all been rewarded the strength of the ARRL to help publish their operating window and helped to keep those published and policed. Why has the ARRL not continued what was set forth back in the late 1950’s ?

With the advent of the newer transmitters and SDR equipment that all work beautifully on AM, there is a resurgence of the mode joining the scores of vintage operators that have been operating in those windows for many years….. usually having to put up with many unruly operators that could care less about a’window’. Little is published or talked about from the ARRL, so why should they worry? The respect of other operators has certainly dwindled. The other issue of maintaining these windows, is that new operators are invited to join an entirely new form of Amateur Radio communication. Without your help, AM operation sometimes become a vast wasteland of SSB operators that feel they can land anywhere, thus causing very unwelcome places to operate. Each of us work hard to bring young operators onto the frequency bands, but I know – first hand that when some of these brilliant, inquisitive young minds are looking into modes that have never worked they sometimes discover some very unpleasant conversations. All of this can be corrected by publications, articles and some policing by the new Volunteer Observers organization. Without the help of the Board of Directors to maintain this ‘Agreement’, the VOO have no ’teeth’.

I, along with many AM operators truly believe that if the Board of Directors would address THIS situation as they have the data bandwidth situation, it will further the development of new operators to join fellow AM operators and brings yet another aspect of Amateur Radio without conflict.

I look forward to being of any help to bring the ‘Gentlemen’s Agreement’ back into play.


Dr. Bob Heil, K9EID

    Masamichi Yamamoto (Masa, AB9MQ) is a long-time check-in and contributor to the DX-60 net.  This transmitter showed up on EBay, and Masa was lucky enough to have won it."This model TX-88 is prior to Mr. Takada JH1AMH's TX-88A model.  This is very rare to find on the market.  This is the original design on TX-88 series.  TX-88, TX-88A, and TX-8...  READ MORE
- Bradley Stone (stonebs),  03/01/2021 

W8SAJ Builds the New Noveau

Jeff provides N-75A assembly pictures
Category: Friends
I just got the newer updated version of the Noveau N-75A done and works great as the first one. The new board now has the older AGC external board incorporated now with surface mounted parts on the new board. Everything else is the same it seems and performs the same. I did add a power switch across the one on the back, so I can turn on and off from the front panel.73, Jeff / WA8SAJ...  READ MORE
- Bradley Stone (stonebs),  04/19/2020 
   Just finished my first W9RAN Versa-TR Switch from Hayseed Hamfest and I put into a BUD box (tight fit).       I am using it with the Noveau-75 and my SDR-Play receiver & laptop, plus other receivers in a multi-coupler system I have here. The Noveau-75 now goes through the relay box and only the SDR and other receivers are used. The Noveau-75 receiver is "NOT&...  READ MORE
- Bradley Stone (stonebs),  02/09/2020 
   Above is a picture of my latest project.  After doing the transceiver thing, with a CE20A, mated to a SX-115, then the next transceiver project, a 10A mated to any Drake R4 series receiver, I had an idea.  Those transceiver projects have a lot of oscillators, and even the crystal oscillators can drift as they warm up, which requires re-zeroing the transmitter to the receiver from time to...  READ MORE
- Bradley Stone (stonebs),  10/27/2019 

Remembering Mike, N8ECR (SK)

Tributes and pictures submitted by net membership
Category: Friends
If you have some pictures or a small tribute you'd like to submit in memory of our former net control, please send them to brad@nb9m.com or W8TOW.dx-60.net for inclusion here.Here is Mike N8ECR at the QTH of Ron/K8FG. Mike N8ECR stopped  by with his new dog, the pic was taken on 06-29-2011.Mike and Ron N8UUH would head over to my area (14mi SW of Tawas City) so we could enjoy a lunch at H...  READ MORE
- Bradley Stone (stonebs),  12/24/2018 
   *** The PDF is Downloadable below ***Thanks to Mike, W5KRL, for making a good copy of a DX-60 Assembly Manual....  READ MORE
- Bradley Stone (stonebs),  12/08/2018 
   *** The PDF is Downloadable below ***Thanks to Mike, W5RKL, for making a good copy of a DX-60B Assembly Manual....  READ MORE
- Bradley Stone (stonebs),  12/08/2018 
   *** The .PDF file is downloadable below ***There are lots of mods for the Heathkit DX60 on the internet. These include audio and PTT mods. The PTT mods address an issue with the function switch and makes switching between RX and TX more flexible. The Function wafer switch on an unmodified DX60 switches the high voltage secondary of the power transformer when going from standby (receive) to transmi...  READ MORE
- Bradley Stone (stonebs),  12/08/2018 
   *** The PDF is Downloadable below ***Very crisp, legible, printable schematic.  Original link: https://www.nostalgickitscentral.com/heath/schematics/heathkit_schema_dx60b.pdf ...  READ MORE
- Bradley Stone (stonebs),  12/08/2018 
   ** The .PDF file is downloadable below ***One of the biggest short comings of the DX-60 is the function switch, and the need to switch the phone operation to Push-To-Talk (PTT), which should enhance the operation and save the function switch. I also wound up using a D-104 unamplified microphone with my DX-60B. Parts List: 1 – Two pin Microphone connector 2 – 6 or 12 VDC 4PDT Relay (If ...  READ MORE
- Bradley Stone (stonebs),  12/08/2018 

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W8SAJ Builds the New Noveau

Jeff provides N-75A assembly pictures
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