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Radio Daze supplies the vintage restoration community with a set of unique items and services that are essential to completing a quality classic restoration. A key focus of ours is on our custom graphics design and fabrication capabilities which allow us to economically provided high quality printing in small volumes on a wide range of materials including glass, metals, plastics, etc. Based upon these captive resources, we provide a very large and ever expanding portfolio of reproduction dials, decals, faceplates and panels - nearly 2000 designs – for vintage equipment and items. 

   Heathkit DX60B chassis rear panel decal set - 3 of each label - black lettering from RadioDaze....  READ MORE
- Bradley Stone (stonebs),  05/23/2020 
   By Don - W4BWS, as posted in the AM WIndowI recently acquired a Heathkit DX60B and wanted to operate AM mode as well as CW with this equipment. I also wanted to mute the audio on the 75S3 and SX100 I had available to use for receivers during transmission. Inspired by the article about boatanchor antenna relay by Phil Salas, AD5X, posted on his web site www.ad5x.com, and the desire to ope...  READ MORE
- Bradley Stone (stonebs),  05/20/2020 
   Those of us who are getting older will remember those smiling faces, sitting at their gleaming stations, surrounded by QSL cards.  These pictures are from 1968-1970 Popular Electronics.  Per Bob, W9RAN: " If you look closely, many of the photos in HerbBrier's column were retouched.   An artist would outline the radiocabinets, mics, etc in order to make t...  READ MORE
- Bradley Stone (stonebs),  03/22/2020 
   Welcome to Wk5r Circuit Boards where we Design and sell Upgrade circuit boards for the Power Supplies for most tube type amateur radio transceivers and amplifiers except Alpha and Harris. We also repair the Power Supplies and amps except for Alpha and Harris. These boards come Boards only, kit form, Completely assembled, or we can install them for you. The installed option requires that you make a...  READ MORE
- Bradley Stone (stonebs),  12/08/2019 
   Bob, W9RAN, builds and provides a review of the popular new AM QRP transceiver from the 4SQRP group....  READ MORE
- Bradley Stone (stonebs),  11/21/2019 
   Hayseed Hamfest it the go-to for quality capacitors to replace your old electrolytics.  The can electrolytic is far better than the original, and mounts in the original chassis holes.  Also check out the RANVerter from Bob, W9RAN, which is offered at Hayseed Hamfest....  READ MORE
- Bradley Stone (stonebs),  08/30/2019 
   Jeff has put together an impressive site, bringing us through his first eperience in radio as a kid to the present....  READ MORE
- Bradley Stone (stonebs),  08/04/2019 
   This is the go-to resource for parts.  Resistors, capacitors, tubes, tools, solder, chemicals, grille cloth - you name.  Order online, reasonable prices and FAST shipping....  READ MORE
- Bradley Stone (stonebs),  03/27/2019 
   FT-243 crystals have pins spaced 1/2 inch apart, and are used in MANY ham radios made fromthe 1940s through 1970s. They are also used in countless military sets such as the BC-611, TRC-77 and GRC-109 etc.Note: Some of these are original FT243 crystals, some are reworked surplus units withwire lead crystals inside as described in tube transmitter articles using them in CQ Magazineand detailed techn...  READ MORE
- Bradley Stone (stonebs),  03/27/2019 
   HP-23 power supply recap: Replace all those old leaky capacitors with new state-of-the art electrolytic capacitors. Comes with new diodes, resistors, and of course a double sided pcb that mounts on top of the HP23. No holes to drill....  READ MORE
- Bradley Stone (stonebs),  03/27/2019 

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2020 Hoosier AM Swapmeet

September 19, 2020 (RSVP Online)
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W8SAJ Builds the New Noveau

Jeff provides N-75A assembly pictures
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W9DYV Radio Symposium Flyer (.pdf)

Winterfest 2020 – St. Louis Friday January 24th, 2020
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2020 Novice Rig Roundup

00:00 UTC on 3/7/2020 through 23:59 UTC on 3/15/2020
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WA8SAJ's Nouveau 75

$99 75M AM QRP Transceiver

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