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Memories 0 Comments 03/22/2020  

Those of us who are getting older will remember those smiling faces, sitting at their gleaming stations, surrounded by QSL cards.  These pictures are from 1968-1970 Popular Electronics.  

Per Bob, W9RAN: " If you look closely, many of the photos in Herb
Brier's column were retouched.   An artist would outline the radio
cabinets, mics, etc in order to make them more visible, and sometimes
they would crop out backgrounds.   I'm sure many of those photos were
taken with little Brownie cameras and needed some enhancement.   There
are a few calls and names in those old columns that I later recognized
on internet reflectors."

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W8SAJ Builds the New Noveau

Jeff provides N-75A assembly pictures
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W9DYV Radio Symposium Flyer (.pdf)

Winterfest 2020 – St. Louis Friday January 24th, 2020

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